Life is characterised by energy and information. From the moment of conception these two elements mould the biological and psychic development of the individual in such a way that each cell preserves, as though on a recording tape, the memory of everything. The impression that these two forces – energy and information – make during the foetal period and at the moment of birth is fundamental to the psychophysical development of the person to be. In other words, what happens during conception, gestation and the trauma of birth, survives in the individual not as a conscious cognitive memory but as a record of energy and information.
Hence a cage of energy is created which allows only limited interactions and experiences in an individual’s life.
This explains why we always end up in the same situations and fall into the same mistakes.
If a woman is convinced that men are naturally faithless, she will have created around herself such an energy-information cage that she only ever encounters men who themselves possess a corresponding aura of betrayal.
Our very thoughts constitute energy and information: we are what we think we are.
We are all thinking bodies in a thinking universe. In the same way in which the molecules of our body are projections of our thoughts, so the pulses of energy and information project themselves into our surroundings in the form of space time events.
In this way, therefore, thoughts condition our whole world and thus our relationships.
In a profound sense our life experience and all the events that appear to befall us, happen because we make them happen. We are 100% responsible for all the outcomes in our lives.
How is it possible to escape from the cage? By loosening the knots that energy and information have tied throughout the years.
To achieve this it is necessary to allow large flows of energy through the body by means of a fundamental life force: breathing, coupled with the stimulation of points along the Chinese meridian lines or other reflexogenic systems of the body such as the feet, the hands or the ears.
This technique, that associates breathing, the stimulation of points in the skin, coupled with work on the thoughts, energy and information, is known as “REM Emotional Cleansing ”.
Energy is needed in order to release and integrate the information. Biologically speaking, energy and oxygen are the same…
Using oxygen, food is transformed into energy. Food, like firewood, needs oxygen to keep the process going.
The rate of combustion is linked to the amount of oxygen available.
Oxygen, therefore, is of major importance in all life processes.
It is not by chance that most men and women breathe little and poorly. They do it so as not to feel emotion, so as not to enter into their essential Selves.
So, what can we do to break into the emotional cage that energy and information have created around us? Above all breathe in a manner that is both aware, connected and circular, in order to allow all the freeing of all those experiences that have been suppressed and stored in the cellular memory.
Constrictions of the throat, thorax and pelvis obstruct the free and natural flow of breath so that we avoid feeling our emotions: in fact, wherever there are constrictions energy cannot flow freely and where energy is not allowed to flow there are no feelings, no emotions, but instead slavery to fear.
Both energy and breath move from top to bottom, as though one is saying, “yes”.
At the points of constriction this vertical wave tends to be forced into a horizontal oscillation that says “no”.
To loosen the rigidity and the consequent energy blocks that manifest themselves in the meridians and the chakras, one must work on the different parts of the outer shell, using the fingers to stimulate the various points along the meridians.
Stimulation may come in three forms:
• Touch
• Rhythmic percussion
• Progressive pressure
The subject lies down with knees bent, feet flat on the floor or on the couch, eyes closed, arms parallel with the body, mouth open with the jaw relaxed. He or she is asked to breathe deeply through the mouth, imagining that air is being drawn from the feet and pulled up, by expansion of the chest, as far as the inn trang point between the eyebrows. The whole body should take part in this breathing. During inhalation force should be exerted, while on the out breath air should leave the body naturally, with the mouth open and relaxed.
There should be no pause between inhaling and exhaling. Many pressure points may be stimulated, each one being linked to a specific emotional block. Let’s now look at some examples of sessions involving the principal points.
The therapist begins the session with straightforward bilateral contact with point 2 on the Bladder Meridian, at the same time visualising his own energy as it connects with the subject.
Next he passes to the major point of the ocular segment, pressing it with increasing force at each inhalation. This point corresponds with the unblocking of the upper ring of the cage, the segment of control and judgement.
From here one moves on to the major maxillary point, the second ring of the cage, which releases anger and repressed aggression. Next there is point 14 of the stomach meridian, in the upper part of the chest, also known as the point of emotional trauma, in that it brings to the surface old traumas that have not been expressed and integrates them into the whole. Then he moves on to the epigastric area of the solar plexus where he stimulates the major point of unassimilated emotion. Still on the meridian he moves down to the hypogastric area beneath the navel in order to unblock the pelvic energy that is linked to sexuality and creativity. A point on the right of the abdomen, corresponding to point 27 of the stomach meridian is also of fundamental importance for unblocking suppressed grief and loss.
During the treatment it is most important that the subject reaches the point where the legs quiver. This is a sign of unblocking and the passage of energy.
In some cases one can carry out the session with two therapists in chelation: one simply to touch the energy points such as Bladder 2 or Bladder 10 at the nape of the neck, the other to stimulate the points. In order to achieve a deeper regressive trance a device that emits electromagnetic pulses may be used. Here we see the stimulation of the point of the solar plexus and, next, a point at the centre of the chest on the channel of conception, also known as the point of lack of love, painful in all persons who have the feeling of not having received enough affection.
In collective sessions the therapist moves from one subject to another stimulating the various points as necessary.
With REM Emotional Cleansing it is as though one has entered one’s own interior library, with the possibility of consulting each phase of one’s physical and spiritual existence.
REM Emotional Cleansing in water warmed to 38 degrees, is carried out in three phases. For the first 45 minutes one breathes underwater using an air tube and nose clip. This serves to reawaken the fetal life.
While breathing the subject is assisted by two people who represent the father and mother.
In the second phase of 15 minutes, the subject breathes slowly while lying on his back, in order to come to terms with his experiences.
Finally, in the third phase he is received back into life by his two symbolic parents.
In the polarised world that encompasses us there are only two realities: love and fear.
If we fail to live by love, seeing with an open heart, we become slaves to fear. This creates around our hearts a cage that grows heavier and heavier, preventing us from living our emotions.
Anyone who is afraid of losing control of his own emotions has, in reality, already lost control, for he is controlled by fear.

Department of Acupuncture, San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Rome, Italy and Master Acupuncture, Tor Vergata University, Rome, Italy.